We want to ensure all our customers understand some of our store and drink policies:

#1. We will always treat you with respect and we expect you as well to treat our staff which is our family/klan with the same level of respect. We try to be more than accomodating, however if our staff cannot do something they are simply following the policies and rules the company dictates. If you have a problem, question or concern you can email us at Katsubotea@gmail.com where a corporate representative can address you via email.

#2. Customer who are rude, throw drinks, use offensive language, etc. will not be permitted in any of our facilities in the future and their accounts will be closed. Again this isn’t the norm, we have AMAZING CUSTOMERS! Once in a rare while we unfortunately get a “bad seed” and we aren’t planting any “bad seeds” in our business. To those 99.9% amazing customers – “thank you” again for patronage! We are very blessed to serve you.

#3. We do not split drinks into multiple cups. We have made our drinks very affordable especially for using premium Japanese matcha, organic REAL fruit (not powders) and real dairy (not powdered creamer – yuck!). Plus there is an associated cost to splitting drinks; we are a business and have to operate as one to keep the doors open. Plus you can always purchase a drink and split your drink at home in your own containers. We can not split drinks if you bring your own cups either. We put our drinks in our branded cups/containers and give them directly to you. Once we hand them to you they are all yours to do as you like.

#4. On all our drinks we have a “Recommended Sweetness Level of 100%” – we always recommend if it is your first time to start at this level. This is the sweetness level we feel compliments the flavors of the tea or beverage we are serving you. Start at 100%, and if you feel it is too sweet then next time you visit you should then select 75% or lower. If you select a low sweetness level 0% – 75% your very first time and you feel the drink is not sweet enough please ask the person at the counter if you can “Add a little more sweetness”. They will add it into your existing drink; however they will not though make you a new drink. If you purchase a 100% sweetness drink they cannot reduce the sweetness level once the drink is made; and if you do not like you would have to purchase a new drink. They will not remake a drink if you state it’s too sweet.

#5. When you order drinks online or at our store kiosk there is a NOTES area at the end. You can place notes like: “I orderd a portion of small boba: please go light on the boba”. However, in the notes you cannot add “add-on’s” that have to be paid for without paying. Again most people understand this easily. For example, you can’t write in the notes “I ordered small boba – please make that a double portion”. You can order and pay for a double portion in the system. This would be an example of notes request we can not do. Or if you put in the notes “please split this drink into 2 cups” again unfortuanately we do not do this. Again 99.9% of our amazing customers understand this. We just wanted to make it clear.

#6. We do not split ingredients into different cups or on the side. If you order for example a thai milk tea with boba, we cannot give you 2 cups – 1 cup with boba and 1 cup with your tea. Again 99% of you awesome customers understand this; but we sometimes get asked this. Any add on’s (boba, lychee jelly, any ingredients etc.) go into an assigned drink in your order.

#7. If you ordered online, placed an order at the kiosk or with a staff member at the front counter…once the drink is ordered and paid for it is in production. If the drink has not been made then of course we can make changes or add ons. But if the drink was made and there is a change or add on you would have to purchase a new drink. Again 99.9% of the time – the drink is ordered and we are good to go.

#8. We do not use or accept reusable containers at this time due to COVID policies and protections. We can not put beverages into your containers you bring or even an old Katsubo reusable cup. Even the board of health department would have an issue with this as the cleanliness of the cup would be safety concern.

Again we want to say THANK YOU to our AMAZING, WONDERFUL & LOYAL customers we are BLESSED to serve you. Unfortunately though we cannot say “yes” to everything. We want to provide an outstanding product and service; but at the same time we have to operate as a business. With COVID and those challenges alone being in the food service industry is already challenging. Thank you…thank you…thank you for your business & understanding! #katsubo