Covid-19 has without a doubt changed all our lives and many people are beyond stressed.  Katsubo hopefully provides our customers some much-needed joy and happiness.  We are working diligently to ensure that happiness continues by implementing the following safety procedures.

  • All our locations meet all federal, state and local regulations & guidelines as they pertain to safety, sanitation and the coronavirus.
  • We use an easy online ordering system for all our locations.   You will receive a text/email once your order is ready for pickup.  Easy to grab and go.
  • All of our employees wear masks and gloves as they work; front and back kitchen employees.
  • Our shop doors remain closed in order to closely monitor the number of guests in the store.
  • We ensure that no more than 6 guests are inside each store at one time and social distancing 6 feet apart while they stand in a line to wait.   Again use the online ordering system – it’s fast, easy & even more safe.
  • We sanitize our shops every hour; and our registers are wiped down after each transaction.  We provide hand sanitizer for guests and staff.   
  • We also offer kiosks at all our locations where customers can place their order without interacting with another person.
  • Employees temperatures are checked before they begin a shift along with a basic “symptoms check”.
  • We require all patron 2 years old and older wear a protective mask while inside our stores, as well as outside if they are waiting in a line.  Your mask must cover your entire nose and mouth properly.  Again, use that online ordering system!  It’s fast, quick & safer.
  • Our counters at our reception have glass shield that protect our patrons and our staff.
  • We have removed indoor seating.  
  • We do not provide sampling of our products.
  • We have discontinued using reusable drink carriers.  As we provide only new/disposable containers.
  • All staff are required to wash their hands following CDC guidelines after each time they use their phone and they should only be using their phones for work related calls only (specifically managers).

We appreciate your support, and we will get through this together!